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Driving School Earls Court

I needed to have my driving licence in order to work in my company. Thanks to my instructors, now I can drive cars and even motorcycles if I want! I strongly recommend this driving school to all my friends!
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- Driving School Earls Court -

A new inexpensive driving licence waits for you at our Earls Court driving school!

Whether you want to master truck, motorcycle or car driving, you will need to be accompanied for at least a few lessons, by a skilled instructor. So demand high quality and affordable sessions only and call upon your Earls Court experts. Come in our driving school today! We have bargain prices all year long, so you can improve your competences anytime, no matter if it's winter or summer, we will adapt! Ask for accompanied driving lessons, and benefit from our knowledge, you won't regret it!

Both theory and practical test will allow you to get the licence you need in Earls Court, come in our driving school!

We are approved by the government, so we will provide you official documents and tests diplomas at our Earls Court driving school. Furthermore, you will need to master the highway code and the theory side of driving before beginning the accompanied driving lessons! Therefore, there are two compulsory tests, one called the theory test, and a practical test. At the end of these sessions, you will obtain a brand new car, motorcycle or truck driving licence!

In our Earls Court driving school, prepare a new licence or check your current level

Do you need a little test to check your current level? It is now possible at our Earls Court driving school. Your insecurity feeling when you drive will go away in a few times spent with our instructors. They will help you get back your previous level or even help you learn the traffic laws you didn't remember or you didn't know. It's better to be careful when it comes to driving, so be sure to be prepared, and pay us a visit!

Low prices

Get an official  driving licence at our driving school for a bargain price!

High Quality

When low prices rhyme with high quality, it's because you are in your new Earls Court's driving school!

Good tips

Our instructors follow you and help you, from the beginning of your lessons to your practical test!